Yoga combines physical postures, breathing techniques & meditation to improve overall mental, physical & emotional health.    Physical postures, or asanas, are designed to tone, strengthen & align the body while improving balance & flexilbity.  Breathing techniques, or pranayama, are used to increase respiratory efficiency while relaxing the mind and body.  Meditation techniques are used to quiet, clarify and discipline the mind.  By encouraging mindfulness, individuals are able to improve overall functionality & quality of life.   

Health and Fitness Benefits

Quality of Life Improvements

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"Tiffany doesn't just teach yoga postures, she helps a student understand how he or she will benefit with improved functionality as a result of mastering the posture.  After 3 years of attending Yoga for Seniors at Ann‘s Choice, I have experienced substantial improvements in flexibility, strength and balance.  I have also learned relaxation techniques that have enhanced my over all well-being.“ --Joan Greenberg.