Retirement Communities

Unfortunately, as individuals age, the functional capacity to perform normal everyday activities safely & independently without undue fatigue becomes more challenging.  Fortunately, statistics indicate that this loss can be prevented or reduced with regular physical activity & lifestyle modifications.  Improvements can be seen at any age even for those with chronic diseases & disabilities.

Fite Fitness Consultants (FFC) offers a diversified, adaptable portfolio of fitness & wellness services.  We listen closely and customize individual and group programs, as well as fitness facility designs, tailored to meet the specific needs of your community.  We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to lead your residents to greater overall health & functional capacity.

In order to custom design programs that will meet the needs of your community, factors such as community size, age, current health & functional capacity of residents, health concerns of the community as a whole, available space and existing fitness programs must first be considered.  Feedback from residents is also recommended during this process.  After determining the needs of your community, FFC will provide assistance in promoting new fitness services through announcements, brochures, educational literature & complimentary wellness lectures.  FFC will continue to service existing programs in this manner to ensure long-term success.   

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"Tiffany Fite has been  coordinating  fitness services at  Korman Communities Country Lights Fitness Center for the past 18 years.  Over the years she has successfully developed, organized and managed individual and group fitness programs, changing and modifying programs as needed, helping hundreds of people reach their health and fitness goals."
--Joan Nuel, Club House Manager, Korman Communities, Country Lights


“Over the last year my husband and I have gained a great deal from attending class with Tiffany Fite, including improved balance and an overall feeling of well-being.  Every part of class is useful as they each work to enhance various components of functional fitness. The music played during class is lovely and we enjoy learning new asanas as it keeps class very interesting.“
-- Sandy Mikelberg, Ann’s Choice.